Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Beach Review: Bonny Doon

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I like this beach. My rating [Link] 85

Since the closure of Red White and Blue Beach to the south Bonny Doon seems to me to have become the primary clothing optional beach in the area. Most of the (90 - 98% male) clothing optional crowd is in the beach at the north of Bonny Doon, which is the beach best sheltered from the wind.

If you are into the "clothing optional" scene, then score. If you are totally disgusted by this scene, then stay away. If you are indifferent, in the middle and don't care one way or the other what other people do as long as they leave you alone then there are some real advantages to this beach.

Remember it is clothing optional, you do not have to get naked. There are some real benefits to this beach and having naked people around you:

  • It is quiet, no loud music or beach parties.
  • No kids running around, being loud and kicking sand in your face.
  • Nobody having a cow if you have a beer or bring a bottle of wine.
  • The only dogs I have seen here are little, not obnoxious, on a leash and quiet.

It may be that having naked people around you is worth the benefits. Just be sure you don't get too close to the cliffs. If you do, you may be hit by a falling rock or falling gawker who does not have a life and gets too close to the edge of the cliffs above.

The surf here is spectacular. Big waves crash against the rocks here with sound and fury. I wouldn't bring my extended family here. But, it's a nice place to relax with a book.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Opinion: This is a great day!

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I shot this photo in 2008 of Nancy at the California Democratic convention. It was my pleasure at that convention to meet Speaker Pelosi and many other great Democrats. I am a lifelong Democrat and health care reform passage is a long time dream come true.

I would be in favor of a plan that goes further. I wish there was a public option. But, the main thing is I do not think people should loose their health coverage when they lose their jobs. In my opinion this is a great day. Health care is a public need, like freeways; we all need it. This is long overdue!

As I think about it, it's hard for me to understand how this became a Democrat vs. Republican thing. Can't we all sleep better knowing we, and our children, are not a pink slip away from loosing health coverage? I have a Republican friend who had to declare bankruptcy after cancer treatment and a Democrat friend who broke a pelvis in accidents that occurred after a job loss.

Yes I am a Democrat; but I think we all won on this one.

[My photos from the 2008 California Democratic Convention are here.]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kitty Hill Resort Sucks in my opinion!

This is the review I wrote on Yelp of Kitty Hill Resort For Cats in Santa Cruz, California:

If I could give this place a negative ten I would. After spending a week at Kitty Hill our cats got sick, very sick. One of them may die. We have spent hundreds of dollars in vet bills, so far. Go ahead, visit the place walk around it. Ask yourselves; how can they possibly sanitize it? How can they keep diseases from spreading between the cats? I wish I had. Oh, they do animal rescue. A noble cause. But, where have those cats been? Our cats were indoor only cats. They make you sign a release before boarding your cats there releasing them of liability if your cats die. Good thing for them. Too bad I didn't take heed. I am full of regret and anger after boarding our cats at Kitty Hill. Our vet said diseases can spread like wild fire in places like this. They have cats walking all over the place. There is furniture & rugs & stray cats & no way to really clean it. Big mistake on our part! Two words of advice: stay away!

I would never, ever take my cats again to Kitty Hill Resort For Cats. For me it has been Kitty Hell!

I agree with Krugman

Paul Krugman, like me, is a liberal, but that's not the only reason I like him. I actually think he is right. The Government has to be the spender of last resort. You can't save your way out of a depression, you have to spend. Spending is the only way to create jobs. That is exactly what we did in World War 2. From an economics point of view, WW2 was a massive government jobs program. On his blog Krugman writes:

A spending freeze? That’s the brilliant response of the Obama team to their first serious political setback?

It’s appalling on every level.

It’s bad economics, depressing demand when the economy is still suffering from mass unemployment. [Read More]

In my opinion World War 2 may have ended the effects of the depression, but it was the New Deal programs of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that started the recovery. This recovery, I think, would have been much further along had not a new conservative coalition caused a rollback of the New Deal policies in early 1937, which caused a setback of the recovery. A setback that it took a war to set right. In my opinion Obama's spending freeze is another such setback. Hopefully it will not take another World War to set things right.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Nope, not handicapped

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I had an argument with the driver of this car. He pulled right into the Starbucks Parking Lot in Saratoga Old Town, parked in a handicapped space, and went into the Starbucks to order a drink. No, he wasn't handicapped. He swore at me and called me a jerk for complaining about HIS parking in a handicapped space. Yes, there was vacant street spots 50 feet away. Then he sped off out of the parking lot. I guess if you are young, rude and have the California License Plate 4HPK997 (with expired tags) the world is your oyster.